Dialogue with the Ancients

Convenerunt In Unum
plaster, alabaster, wool, oil, pva size, clay crete, plastic, wire, metal, antique frame, thread, rocks, thread 36 x 62 x 24"
Convenerunt in Unum means “They came together” in Latin. The piece is titled after the phrase on a frame that supported Piero Della Francesca’s “Flagellation of Christ”.
The tableaux includes objects such as maps of Israel, a piece of alabaster, and an odd cane like object that looks like a whip.

Piero handed me Plato's structure
32 x 38.5 x 13", 2016 painted wood, cold press paper, india ink, graphite, glass, spun and woven thread, plaster, sculptamold, stone

Loop Playground Maquette
7” x 4” x 16” claycrete, goache, oil paint
These sculptures are maqueettes for large scale sculptures in to be used as a playground.

Paleobotanical remnant slab
3/4 x 9 x 12” , Plaster, oil paint

Wakeful dreams
graphite, paper, brass frame, wool, stone, ceramic, hand spun thread, variable dimensions

Charcoal, pastel, 100 percent cotton rag paper, 18 x 24", 2016