Installations / Projects

Lost Works, 2024, Wave Hill Open Studios, Sunroom Project Space


Glaciers (erratics) - Installation view
2017, Installation, muslin, rabbit skin glue, cheesecloth, angora hair, wire, plaster, wax, video projection, 6 x11 x 4’

Atmospheric Values (installation shot)

2019, Installation, fabric, thread, homespun thread, 16mm film, wire, photographs, paperclay, porcelain, found Japanese fabric, metal, wooden frame, enamel paint, c
opper, glass, mylar, graphite, variable dimensions, 62 x 100 x 48”

Atmospheric Values is an bricolage installation of assembled everyday objects related to raw materials such as thread, clay and found picture frames.
Textured and woven surfaces lean with protrusions and printed images. Vessels overturned and tapered restate their value as stands.
Undulating kintsugi surfaces dialogue with  lines branching into space. The work is inspired by Baudrillard’s System of Objects and domesticity.


Looking Glass (installation rear view)
2014, Bronze, concrete, wood, rods, led lamps, glass, variable dimensions, exhibited at the He Xiangninig Museum, Shenzhen, as part of the exhibition, Double Vision

Creative Evolution - Life together    
2015, plants, metal, plastic, wood, paper, soil, liquitex paint

“Creative Evolution, life together”, is a social sculpture derived from several plant clippings solicited in an open call. The artwork, a low lying table with a variety of succulents and domestic perennials, is specifically created for the Clemente center to emphasize social engagement, organic matter and evolution. The artwork is currently being tended to new custodians and volunteers in the Clemente.

Natural Resources
solo exhibition at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, CN 2013
16mm film xfer to video, 120 mm slides, ceramic, prints, stones, lingzhi mushrooms, bamboo tea, silk, wood, glass, wire, variable dimensions

Grandmother's Room (Installation view)
2013, nylon string, 100% white cotton dyed in gold chinese mineral pigment, chalk, plastic bags, red wrap ties, soil, video,
variable dimensions (Part of the Meizhou Series Site Specific installations), Exhibited at M ART Center, Shanghai, March 2014,
Video trt: 7min, sound, shot on location, Meizhou, China
Vimeo link:

This installation was in an abandoned school in the Leow Ancestral Village in Meizhou, China. Using bags of glossy ganoderma
a an adapted ceremonial bed, this artwork recalls the imagined memories of ancestral heritage.

Journey of the Night
Insallation, HD Video projection, muslin, screen, apx 10 min, 2012, Shot on location,Weir Art Farm, CT

The Binding
Nod Hill Refuge site-specific installation, exhibited at Weir Art Farm, Ridgefield, CT, 2013
31 rit dyed muslin and canvas tie lines, wool, gold and green bamboo string, 12 ceramic tea bowls, 3 weaving chains,
apx 58 ft The Binding (Akedah) is an installation at Weir Art Farm. The piece is site specific and ephemeral. It was installed on June 23 - 24, 2012 on a large fallen oak tree.

Wind Reflection
2011, Dyed Muslin, projection screen, clothesline, HD videoTRT: 9:15, sound, shot on location, Skowhegan, ME38' x 19' x 12', 2011*

Nocturne Etudes
Exhibited at the Marcuse Gallery, La Jolla, CA
variable media Passageway, Ice Ball, Memory Box
three part installation, 2010, trt: 5:56, sound