Grandmother's Room
2013, nylon string, 100% white cotton dyed in gold chinese mineral pigment, chalk, plastic bags, red wrap ties,
soil, video, variable dimensions, site specific installation

Exhibited at M ART Center, Shanghai, March 2014, 7min, sound, shot on location, Meizhou, China, Vimeo link:
Documentation HD video, trt: 8:12min, color, sound, 2013
This ephemeral installation was shot on location in an abandoned school in the Leow Ancestral Village in Meizhou, China.
My maternal grandmother, a schoolteacher in the 1920’s,  used this room as an office and resting place.
Using bags of glossy ganoderma as an adapted ceremonial bed, this organic installation
recalls the imagined memories of ancestral history and heritage.

Army of Rocks
Site Specific installation, Meizhou, China, 2013
(part of the Meizhou Series site specific installations) porcelain rocks, moss, roof tiles, bamboo slats, door, school roof
variable dimensions. Exhibition version, HD video, color, sound, 5:23min, & 22 original porcelain rocks

Lingzhi chapel
Meizhou series site-specific installation
2013, 636 lingzhi mushroom bags, classroom, variable dimensions