Natural Resources (Installation view, 3rd floor)

Installation, variable dimensions
2013,   Installation, 2 Rooms, studio and gallery, variable dimensions, Installation view, 3rd floor studio, 16mm film xfer to video, 120 mm slides, 30 porcelain ceramic rocks, prints, stones, lingzhi mushrooms, bamboo tea, silk, wood, glass, wire, variable dimensions Exhibited at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel, Shanghai, CN, 2013
*The work was created during a residency at the Swatch Art Peace Hotel. the artwork (Untitled) on the left and the artwork in the middle (Army of Rocks) involved facsimiles of rocks and pebbles. Army of Rocks was a site-specific installation that was documented in a rural village in Meizhou China. The vimeo link is here : The artwork (Sphere of Exchange) on the far right involved a performance with a golden ball that self destroyed on the streets of Shanghai. Video documentation for Sphere of Exchange can be found here: