Short Films

Jona Dove
HD Video, trt: 5:33, color, sound, 2020

Zen Breakfast Variations
3 Channel video installations, HD Video, trt: 8:33, color, sound, 2008
Shot during a silent retreat at Dai Bosatsu Zendo, in the Catskill mountains, NYC

Tree Stump (Prologue)
Single Channel video, HD Video, trt: 4:06, color, sound, 2010
Filmed on location at Skowhegan, ME 

Plymouth Church
HD Video, trt: 5:13, color, sound, 2008
*please watch with headphones, the sound is very soft

Portrait of Shanghai
Super 8 xfer to HD Video, trt: 4:59, color, sound, 2006 
Filmed on location, Shanghai, CN

Space Song
Part of the Untitled Space Song series
Super 8 xfer to SD video, trt: 4:35, color & b+w, sound, 2003