Wind Reflection
2011, Dyed Muslin, projection screen, clothesline, HD videoTRT: 9:15, sound, shot on location, Skowhegan, ME38' x 19' x 12', 2011*

An installation at All Things Project, 2011 *Two person show with Abraham Storer TRT: 9:15, sound, shot on location, Skowhegan, ME. “Last summer I spent time observing and shooting spiderwebs in rural Maine. I became fascinated with the juxtaposition of their lightness and fragility, and the strength of their construction. This small animal stitches together a beautiful foundation as a constant and instinctual act of survival. With the space at All Things Project, my impulse was to begin with a foundation influenced by that of a spider's web. Fragile and light, hand-dyed muslin covers the space's interior, pointing to the physical interaction between body and fabric—my act of staining woven cotton with organic materials such as tea, hibiscus, wine, and blackberries. The staining will continue throughout the duration of the show, as the already stained muslin remembers the footprints of its visitors.” - Lili Chin